Do you have a group of people you work with and would like to construct a more close-knit relationship with?
The Escape City is the ideal experience for building a team. All members will be involved and the final victory depends on everyone of them.

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Each team building game has specific requirements and goals to achieve. That?s why you need to fill out this form, so as to have as much information as possible and realise a customised team building experience for your company.

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“A very entertaining and productive TEAM BUILDING experience with colleagues. A challenging game and original way to discover your strengths and weaknesses, that could help you to reflect and improve in your work and real life. ” MAria C.

“I have had several team building experiences with my company, but never before have I had so much fun and teamed up with my colleagues! I really felt 007 for 1 hour.” Giulio I.

“As an Escape Room fan, I was thrilled when our boss informed us of the Escape City team building experience? but this is not a room escape, it’s much more, you’re the protagonist of a spy movie.” Sofia F.

“As a good computer analyst I could only be positively impressed by Escape City: Intriguing puzzles and excellent GPS use ( as in Pokemon go…) even integrating augmented reality items! Recommended. “

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